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Steinbeck: Citizen Spy

Famous author John Steinbeck was not only a Freemason but a spy for the CIA! Written by Bro Brian Kannard!

Famous American Freemasons Vol. 1

Famous American Freemasons is a collection of stories about some of the Masons from America's past. Through little-known stories of some of the fraternity's most influential members, Todd E. Creason shows the amazing range of contributions Masons have made to the causes of freedom, politics, philosophy, scientific discovery, and the arts-contributions that have helped to define the nation.

Famous American Freemasons Vol. 2

In Famous American Freemasons: Volume II, he continues that story in a whole new collection of biographical profiles of great leaders, talented artists, unique characters, and a few one-of-a-kind personalities that have defined the American way of life, and have helped to create our uniquely American culture and spirit. As with the first volume, Todd E. Creason both entertains and educates.

The Craftsman's Symbology

This is the first in a three-volume set that treats nine symbols and emblems of the first degree of Freemasonry, that of Entered Apprentice. Written by Bro. Anthony Mongelli Jr.

Freemasonry In Black & White

Explore what it was like to go from an irregular or clandestine Masonic lodge to a regular and accepted Masonic lodge! A wild journey! The first book written by Bro Charles Harper Sr.

A Spurious State of Confusion

In this follow up to "Freemasonry in Black and White, Bro. Charles Harper dives even deeper into the oddity of these clandestine Masonic bodies and what really makes them tick, how they become what they are and even some solutions.

Dailey Influences:

Dr. Michael Shirley has taken ideas from some of the world's great leaders and thinkers across the ages, and compiled meditations to become stronger leaders, to engage in personal growth, and to improve their positive influence in the world. With a daily quotation, reflection, and action plan, Daily Influences enables the reader to focus on personal change in achievable ways, and to create habits of positive behavior one day at a time.

The Square and Compasses

Many symbols exist within Freemasonry and each is interpreted from the point of view of the individual. This eBook focuses on the Square and Compasses, perhaps Masonry's most famous symbol, from the perspective of a Christian worldview. Written by Bro. Tech

A Freemason Said That?

From George Washington, to Andrew Jackson, to Mark Twain, A Freemason Said That? Great Quotes of Famous Freemasons offers the insights and wisdom of some of history's most dynamic characters. Written by Bro Todd E. Creason

Love Me When I'm Gone
The true story of life, love and loss for a Green Beret in post-9/11 war. Love Me When I'm Gone is a tale for the ages, the perfect blend of action, romance, heroes, villains, patriotism and valor. What holds this story above all others? This one is true. Written by Bro. Robert P. Lewis
One Last Shot

Levi Garvey, the best-selling author of two novels, is at a crossroads. His third novel has been widely criticized as a flop. His celebrity lifestyle is falling apart, but he fears there isn't another book in him. Levi heads home to the small rural town of Twin Rivers, Illinois, for the first time in two decades to settle his grandmother's estate and to attend his 25th high school reunion. It isn't long before he's reunited with the only woman he's ever truly loved, Tori Buchanan. Then the unexpected happens.

A Shot After Midnight

Levi Garvey returns in a flawless addition to author Todd E. Creason's Twin Rivers series. "Nothing ever happens in Twin Rivers." That's what the residents of the small Illinois town always say, but as Levi and Tori had learned in their deadly encounter with Police Chief Doug Malone two years earlier, the past has an ugly way of coming back.

Shot To Hell

As chaos descends on the small town of Twin Rivers, Levi Garvey finds himself in the center of a baffling murder in Todd E. Creason's third novel in the Twin Rivers series. The gruesome assassination of an aging porn star just hours after Officer Ben Walker is shot on a routine call leaves Twin Rivers Chief of Police Ray Billings puzzled.

Crown of Serpents

With the discovery of a campaign journal from an American Revolutionary War officer who fought against the Iroquois Indians, the U.S. Army calls in their top field historian to assess its contents. Jake Tununda, combat vet and half-Seneca Indian, is stunned when he gleans from the journal's cryptic Masonic passages clues to the location of an ancient shaman's crown once protected by the White Deer Society, a secret cult of his forefathers.

Map of Theives

After discovering a lost Civil War hat from a famous Union general who was shot in the back during the Battle of Atlanta, Freemason military historian Lieutenant Colonel Jake Tununda is shocked to learn a secret waybill may be hidden inside the hat's liner. Before he can inspect it, the hat and two priceless Nazi artifacts disappear from the West Point Museum in a brazen daytime theft.

Freemasonry Crosses the Mississippi

By the end of the 18th century, Freemasonry in America had advanced to the shores of the Mississippi River. With the advent of the Louisiana Purchase, the population began to shift westward. Freemasonry followed suit and, in many cases, led the way. This book tells the story of how Freemasonry got started west of the Mississippi and also includes biographies of famous Freemasons who come from the area.

Freemasons: Tales From The Craft

This book describes events in the lives of Freemasons, from the trivial to major events which have influenced world history.

at Oak Island


For over two centuries a small patch of land on an obscure island has baffled treasure hunters and scientists alike. Tantalizing clues indicate it may be the site of the world's greatest treasure, or it might be history's most elaborate hoax. Speculation about who is responsible for its puzzling origin runs the gamut from pirates to space aliens; but when the facts are laid out the evidence on mysterious and enigmatic Oak Island points to one group... the Freemasons.

The Masonic Initiate
A Guide to Light
The Fraternity of Freemasonry supplies the necessary resources, that when properly applied, can assist a man in bettering himself not only mentally and physically, but also spiritually. In an attempt to revive the interest, within the Fraternity, of the practical applications of the deeper spiritual lessons provided within the degrees, "The Masonic Initiate - A Guide to Light" confirms for every Brother that his Fraternity is furnished with the necessary tools to erect his spiritual temple.
Chronicles from the  Future


In 1921, Paul Amadeus Dienach falls into coma and remains in that condition for a whole year.
During this time, his consciousness slides into the future and enters the body of another human being, Andreas Northam, in the year 3906 A.D.

The people of the future soon realize his peculiar medical situation and decide to tell him what has happened to humanity from the 20th until the 40th century. They escort him on a journey across the new Europe.

Masonic Memoranda of Frederick L. Billon


Frederick L. Billon lived for most of the 18th century. A Missouri pioneer and ardent Freemason, he kept a thorough journal of the Masonic history of his era. This book brings that era to life.

It's Business Time - Adapting a Corporate Path for Freemasonry


Few books on the craft today offer logistical assistance on the operational lodge or its active officers. It’s Business Time aims to offer a fresh look at the best practices that the world of business has spawned over the last hundred years and to take these market-disrupting techniques and adapt them for use at the Lodge level. Just because Freemasonry isn't inherently a business doesn’t mean the organization can’t benefit from industry-proven best organizational practices. It's Business Time lays out these modern concepts, and their relevance to Freemasonry in an easy-to-understand guide. The work explores and adapts each concept for use across the organization, regardless of leadership level. If utilized appropriately, these concepts can be a powerful force multiplier in enabling Lodges to succeed in the modern era

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